Proposals for changes to the regulations on Payment Blocking for Gambling without Norwegian permission were released April 20, 2018.


The main suggestions for changes are:

  • Make it clear that this is a general prohibition, and that companies providing payment services in Norway should discontinue all payment transactions linked to gambling that is unauthorized in Norway.
  • Explain that the Norwegian Gaming Authority has the authority to decide to reject payment transactions to and from companies that carry out payment transactions on behalf of Gambling companies and not just payment transactions directly to and from gambling companies.
  • The Norwegian Gaming Authority may make a decision to reject payment transactions identified with the name of a gambling company or other entity that conducts payment transactions on behalf of the gambling company.
  • New provision for disclosure of banks and other entities providing payment services in Norway to the Norwegian Gaming Authority. The duty of disclosure shall include information on new account numbers relating to the Gaming Authority’s decision and information about transactions the banks have ceased from companies that provide gambling related payments that are not authorized in Norway.

Current regulations concerning Payment Blocking for Gambling.

Find links to the Norwegian versions of the entire consultation letter and current regulations on our website.


The hearing has been sent on behalf of the Ministry of Culture, and hearing statements shall be sent to the Norwegian Gaming Authority by August 15, 2018.

Also read about the Gaming Authority’s work on the payment ban (link to the Gaming Authority’s website)