Every time you see a commercial from a foreign gambling company in Norway, these companies violate the Norwegian regulation. Foreign gambling companies are not allowed to offer nor advertise their online gambling to Norwegians without the permission of the Norwegian Gaming Authority.


The Norwegian gambling monopoly that gives Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto the exclusive right to offer online gambling in Norway is intended to protect people from gambling addiction. The monopoly ensures that people don’t spend more money than they can afford to lose. In addition, the profits of these monopolists return to Norwegian volunteerism, sports and culture – not to private owners or shareholders. Some disagree with the monopoly, while others agree. But the gambling monopoly is protected by Norwegian law. Do you dare to trust a gambling company that doesn’t comply with Norwegian regulation?

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Violating Norwegian regulation

Every single day, foreign gambling companies violate the Norwegian regulation:

  • They offer and promote their online gambling to Norwegians without permission.
  • Their websites are in Norwegian, pretending to be legal, Norwegian companies..
  • On average, they air 62 TV-commercials a day aimed solely at Norwegians.
  • They ally with Norwegian celebrities who act as their ambassadors.

But it’s legal to gamble on foreign websites?

It’s true that you’re not doing anything illegal when you gamble on their websites. We don’t want to take away the thrill of gambling from you, but please note that Norwegian gambling is safer.

Enarmet banditt

When you gamble on the websites of foreign gambling companies, you risk:

  • Losing a lot of money in a very short time – because they don’t have absolute loss limits
  • Being blacklisted if you win too much – because they don’t want to lose money
  • Forfeiting your winnings – because they don’t operate legally in Norway
  • Being tempted to gamble more than you otherwise would, due to bonuses and VIP-schemes – because they are mostly concerned with profit
  • Paying tax on your winnings – because those are the Norwegian ground rules

Who looks after you?

We do not have the authority to help you if you encounter problems with foreign gambling companies. These companies are licensed in countries that have lower demands with regards to responsible gambling. It’s your choice whether you want to gamble using their websites, but you should know that you do so at a risk.

In Norway, we ensure that Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto follow the Norwegian regulation. Only Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto can legally offer and promote online gambling to Norwegians. To prevent gambling addiction, we make sure that neither their games nor marketing are too aggressive. We ensure that it’s not possible to lose more than 10 000 NOK a month, even on the most addictive games. We also ensure that they do not offer bonuses, autoplay and VIP-schemes that stimulate you to gamble more than you otherwise would.