We are a public authority reporting to the Ministry of Culture.

The Gambling Authority

The Norwegian Gambling Authority is a public authority The Gambling Authority supervise and control all private and state operated lotteries in Norway. We also supervise and control gambling and horse racing. Gambling and horse racing are organized through the companies Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto, these having a national monopoly on gambling and horse racing respectively.

The regulation aims to:

  • ensure that gaming schemes are arranged in a satisfactory manner under public control
  • prevent negative consequences of gaming
  • ensure that profit from games can be allocated to approved ‘good causes’

The Foundation Authority

Norwegian foundations are submitted to supervision and control by The Foundation Authority. The basic element in this work is to secure that the foundations are loyal to their purposes.

In order to promote investment in foundations as a long-term ownership, and to achieve a better overview of foundations, Norway adopted legislation in 2001 requiring all foundations to register in a national register, The Norwegian Foundation Register (NB: this is a Norwegian web-site).

The basic element in the Authority’s work is to secure that the foundations are loyal to their purposes and to:

  • operate and further develop a foundation register
  • control to prevent and detect foundations being established illegal or otherwise violating statutes and the Foundations Act
  • provide relevant information and guidance to foundations, the public and the government on this topic

Every other year a national foundation conference is held in Førde on topics that are relevant to both small and large foundations.

Contact us

Director General, Atle Hamar
Telephone: +47 99 28 43 00. E-mail: atle.hamar@lottstift.no

Head of Communications, Terje Gilleshammer:
Telephone: +47 95 70 94 12. E-mail: terje.gilleshammer@lottstift.no

Acting Deputy Director General, Tore Bell, department for gambling and lotteries:
Telephone: +47 99 28 43 39. E-mail: tore. bell@lottstift.no

Deputy Director General, Siw Heggedal Longvastøl, department for foundations:
Telephone: +47 90 07 49 74. E-mail: siw. heggedal. longvastol@lottstift.no

Deputy Director General, Marianne Skjeldestad Hove, department for voluntary sector:
Telephone: +47 90 79 60 89. E-mail: marianne.skjeldestad.hove@lottstift.no