The Norwegian Gambling Authority regulate and supervise sports betting, casino games, number games and horse betting offered by Norsk Tipping AS and Norsk Rikstoto and are responsible for awarding the licence to run the National Championship in Poker.

Our gambling regulation is transparent, accountable, proportionate, and consistent. The Norwegian Gambling Authority uses a risk-based approach, where we focus our resources on those issues and gambling businesses that potentially present the greatest risk.

We carry out assessments to make sure that gambling operators are following our requirements.

We combat illegal gambling activities, also pyramid schemes, and act where we find operators and individuals failing to follow our rules and regulations.

Where we find failings, we will inform the involved individuals and if necessary, use our regulatory powers to take enforcement action against gambling operators and others involved in offering or marketing gambling.

Please note that we do not give legal advice to help develop business models or ideas. But we do provide general information and advice about the regulation and our approach.

Online casino and sports betting

According to Norwegian gambling regulation, the only company who can legally offer online casino games and betting is Norsk Tipping AS. Norway faces challenges regarding illegal cross-border marketing of illegal online gambling operators. In 2010, we implemented payment-blocking to stop money transfers between foreign gambling operators and people in Norway, with great effect. In 2021 a ban on the distribution of TV-adverts broadcasted from abroad came into force.


Poker is generally not permitted, but since 2014, an annual National Poker Championship has been allowed.

Since 2015, low stakes poker played in private homes between friends has been permitted. Pursuant to the amended regulation, it is legal to play poker in private homes with a maximum of 20 players, if the total stake per player does not exceed 1000 NOK provided that the poker game is not of an organized or professional character.

Pyramid schemes

Pyramid schemes are strictly prohibited according to the Gaming Act, and the Norwegian Gambling Authority combats illegal pyramid games.